GPS bracelets – there are 1,000 that measure your performance

But there is only one GPS bracelet that is created for your safety


kickstarterToday, we at PFO Tech AB are launching a Kickstarter campaign with the aim to create the obvious companion for sports and fitness people – PFO Shield. With our new GPS bracelet, climbers, snowboarders, runners, and others can soon increase their safety with the same high precision GSM- and GPS technology as our other services used by companies, organizations and journalists. With the bracelet on your wrist, you can immediately send your position to the phone of the person or people connected to your bracelet, by the press of a button or a pull of the strap.


Why PFO Shield? Our technology is developed so that you will never have to think about anything but the actual experience. When running in the woods, climbing a mountain or paddling a kayak in the Stockholm archipelago, it is nice to be able to simply notify your friends that you have arrived and all is well. Similarly, it is easy for you to communicate if something unexpected happens and you need help.


Where can PFO Shield be used? Through our roaming agreement with Telenor, the PFO Shield technology works as well abroad as it does in Sweden. This means you can use your bracelet in 60 countries without roaming costs.


Why Kickstarter? We are an IT company developing security technology, and need support to make PFO Shield the obvious companion to an active and sporty target group. Through our Kickstarter campaign, we invite everyone who is interested and involved to be one of the first to wear a PFO Shield when they take on their next challenge – or just go for their next run.


PFO Tech’s Kickstarter campaign:


“Our technology is already used by people in 15 countries who need security technology as part of their work. Now, through the Kickstarter campaign we are launching today, we want to reach out to the growing number of people who work out actively, and challenge their own limits through exercise or lifestyle. PFO Shield gives your friends, your nearest and dearest, the ability to follow you through your bracelet without your needing to worry about the risks,” says Patrik Haggren of PFO Tech AB.

PFO Tech – Because safety is a basic human right.