PFO Tech to use Combain for best GPS bracelet positioning

combainPFO Tech, the company behind the first tracking bracelet for human rights activists and journalists at risk, have signed an agreement with Combain for unparalleled positioning capacity.


With over 44 million cell-ids and 400 million Wi-Fi spots, Combain have the world’s largest available database for mobile positioning. Their nearly 6 billion positions are updated daily, thus continuously improving their services and accuracy.


PFO Tech is the Swedish technology company that designed and developed the alarm bracelet with GPS and GSM behind the acclaimed Natalia Project for human rights defenders at risk. “Due to the nature of work these individuals do and the risks they take daily against oppressive regimes, it is paramount that we utilise every square inch of cells available to establish a fast and accurate position when an alarm is triggered,” says Johan Carlsson, CEO of PFO Tech.


“With the bracelet now having been made available to any organisation with staff in unsafe areas, such as journalists, lone workers, aid workers and value transport drivers, we must also ensure a seamless transition of cell-id usage for wearers who move quickly across borders,” adds Carlsson. “With Combain, we have access to their near 99% global hit rate of cell-ids, so I am confident our wearers are getting the best possible positions anywhere in the world.”


“The bracelets provided by PFO Tech are supporting a very important purpose. We are glad and proud that our technology is used in this way. In critical situations the access of an accurate position can save lives,” says Rikard Windh, Chairman and Co-Founder of Combain Mobile AB.