GPS Bracelet



PFO GPS bracelet is a positioning device with a patented alarm mechanism, and is part of a hosted system that includes servers, smartphone apps and other mobile devices. It communicates using SMS and Data via GPRS, GPS/GLONASS for precise outdoor positions, and GSM triangulation for indoor positioning. The GPS bracelet can be configured and settings can be changed over the air. Sets of standard modes are easily changed by the GPS bracelet’s administrator and customised modes can be implemented.



Product Description

Turning on and off
To turn on the GPS bracelet, put it on the wrist and close the clasp. The GPS bracelet registers on the mobile network and retrieves its position. To turn off, simply take it off your wrist.


Triggering the alarm
Pull the bracelet to trigger the alarm. The patented alarm mechanism locks the bracelet on your arm, and the LED will flash red SOS. The bracelet sends a position every 20 seconds.


Manual position report
By pressing the button twice, the GPS bracelet will report its current position.


Remote location report
The GPS bracelet can be located by sending it a message via the app. The GPS bracelet will report back, and its position will be displayed in the smartphone app.


Charge the GPS bracelet using the USB plug. It takes 1-3 hours to fully charge. The battery is LiPolymer that works up to 14 days in stand-by mode and 4 hours in alarm mode.

Additional Information


Black, Blue, White