Lone Worker

Staff safety for lone workers

When having staff working in unsecure or even dangerous environments the question of safety is essential. You never know when incidents occur – what you know is that time, precision and reliability will be important. Your ability to act is dependent to your preparations. Don’t rely on good luck.


PFO Tech’s wearable safety technology protects lone workers, journalists, human rights activists, political dissidents and aid workers in 15 countries.


With the PFO Shield (Bracelet, mobile app and supervising dashboard) you can keep track of everyone in your team, both letting the report when all is ok as well as sending an immediate alarm when needed.



Product Description

The alarm is triggered by the user taking one of the following actions:

  • Clicking the alarm button on your “PFO Fob”.
  • Pulling out the headset cord.
  • Triggering the PFO Shield Bracelet
  • Triggering one of PFO Tech’s other security products paired with the app.


Never send anyone anywhere without the proper safety equipment and have your staff working with an effective Shield – the PFO Shield.


Lone worker safety with the PFO Shield and GPS bracelet

Safety on plattforms